My Response to Sex Junk, or Why the Left Stopped Winning

Disclaimer: This is a rant.

The left in America has grown its own form of cancer. Not unlike how the right has its authoritarian moralists in the form of the Religious right, the left has the Progressive left.

You might be thinking, ‘Yeah, but the Progressive left is backed by science!’

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It. Doesn’t. Matter.

For one, science is always in a state of flux. People once said ‘Newtonian Physics is backed by science!’, and you know how that turned out. We aren’t done discovering more about the world and about ourselves. The science isn’t in on the subject, and likely never will be for a long long time.

Second, The Progressive left is trying to forcibly dictate what it is people should think, and no one responds positively to the threat of force. Sure, the force isn’t legal (yet), but the force is there. Shame, ostracism, phoning your boss about your ‘wrong’ ideas and thereby causing you to lose your income. These have a strong impact on peoples’ lives. The rise of the right has been, in a large part, a reactionary push to this moral force propagated by the left.

‘But the progressive left is a minority within the Democratic party!’, you say? That’s not how it appears. At. All. From these cringeworthy viral videos like “Sex Junk” in Bill Nye Saves the World, to the whole 2016 election campaign running on the platform of ‘B-But Donald Trump said grabbem by the pussy and that’s wrong!’, the Progressives have become the face of the left, whether you like it or not.

(As an aside: It doesn’t matter whether Trump’s infantile comment was morally repugnant or not. What matters is that the left wing media tried to FORCE people to think as they do. People don’t respond positively to force. Stop doing that shit.)

The good news is that even though I doubt the cancer has a cure, the left wing CAN win again. The Republican party is a prime example of this. Instead of running a religious right authoritarian as they usually do, they picked Trump and had his VP be the nutjob. They won.

Move the face of the democratic party to the center. Push the Progressives to the fringe. Be vocal when Progressive hogwash like this ‘Sex Junk’ bullshit threatens to deface the credibility of your party. If you can accomplish that, then the Democrats might just win the next few election cycles.


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