How to Get THE Girl (or Guy)

A simple 4-step guide to get the person you’d ideally want to be with — a guide meant to get you quality rather than quantity.

  1. Identify What You Want. (Rule of Thumb: Look at your own behavior to help you figure it out. If your own behavior doesn’t fit the mold, you gotta change either yourself or what you want.)
  2. Become the Person S(he) Would Want to Date. (Rule of Thumb: If it’s impossible, lower your standards. If it’s hard, either lower your standards or be content with the fact it’s gonna take a while until s(he)’ll want you. I hope you’ve saved a lot of lube.)
  3. Be Honest. (Rule of Thumb: If you’re finding yourself lying or getting no bites at all, go back to 1 or 2 and figure out where you went wrong — and yes, you did go wrong. If you’re getting less attention than usual, that’s good! The ones you aren’t gunning for are getting the hint and staying away.)
  4. Keep Communicating Honestly and Thoroughly. (Rule of Thumb: Look to yourself and make sure you’re not the one at fault before you think to criticize your partner. It’s easy to blame a failure to cope emotionally with some sort of trigger on your partner, but ultimately that’s an issue you will need to sort out yourself — even with therapy if need be.)

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